Weymouth – Not Just a Seaside Resort

Dorset is one of England’s most pleasant and quaint seaside resorts that offers a long and spectacular history of human settlements along with its beautiful array of listed buildings where the upper class rich folk of days gone by lived. The architecture around the county is stunning and worth a visit just to see some of the many Georgian buildings, and if you venture further, to places like Weymouth you will find architecture at its best.

Weymouth itself is at the Southern part of the county of Dorset and too has a vast history behind it, including the involvement of the spreading of the bubonic cozyturtlerv plague in the year 1348 when Melcombe Regis was said to be the first place where it started off from, World War II activity and preparations which included United States Armed Forces boarding the landing ships for the famous invasion of Normandy back in 1944, and of course the Georgian architecture that can be seen around the small seaside town.

With a museum, two large shopping centres and an aquarium by the sea front Weymouth brings in many people from around the world and because there is so much to do and so much to see Weymouth has a booming tourism industry and has done so for many years now. Not only is it soaked up in history but the beaches and seas in the area are some of the best in the UK, making it ideal for family holidays and relaxing breaks to unwind and let your hair down.

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