Tips for Keeping Food Fresh

If you find yourself constantly throwing out food which has managed to go bad before you get a chance to eat it, you may want to take several steps to help keep the food fresh a little bit longer.  By using some of these techniques, you garden cup can keep you food fresh longer and waste less money on food that you never get a chance to eat.

Zipper Storage Bags

The simplest way to keep you food fresh is to store it in zippered storage bags after your food is opened. For example, once you’ve opened a box of crackers of a new loaf of bread, you want to seal the remaining food in order to prevent air from bringing new bacteria and other microorganisms into the food and causing it to spoil. By sealing your food in a zippered storage bag, your food will last longer since it will no longer be exposed to the air which causes it to spoil more quickly.


Canning your food is a bit more time consuming that using zippered storage bags. However, if you find that you constantly have to throw away apples, tomatoes, or other fruits before you get a chance to eat them, you may want to consider canning some of these. Canned foods can last almost indefinitely, and are extremely convenient when you need some food which can be prepared quickly. Despite the fact that canned foods last nearly forever, the canning process can be a nuisance.

Vacuum Sealers

A vacuum food sealer provides a happy medium between the time consuming process of canning and the less effective use of zippered storage bags. These work on the same principle as zippered storage bags, however because the vacuum food sealer actually sucks the air out of the bag before providing an air tight seal, it is much more effective. Unlike a zippered storage bag where there is going to be some residual air left in the bag after you seal it, a vacuum food sealer will ensure that there is no air in the bag, allowing the food to last longer. If you are constantly throwing away your leftovers before you get a chance to eat them, consider using a vacuum food sealer.

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