Tip on Beauty Consultant – Want To Make Your Face Glow!

All ladies, and some gentlemen maybe interesting in, you might be eager to want to know how to make your face glow fast. Here it is, all you need to do is to Do “Home Intensive Care”.

What is “Home Intensive Care”?

I call it “Home Intensive Care”, it is done once every week or twice every week, that is to do scrub and mask at HOME!

First, you must cleanse your face thoroughly, have all your makeup which is the foundation, loose powder, eyeshadow, mascara, liner and as well as blusher and lipstick and so on… removed and all the debris most cleanser will take care of it nicole pearl.

Once, you have done that, you scrub your face, of course using scrub cream or gel. Usually, I like to use my fingers only working in circular movement, both hand do together so that I do not need to bother to remember or count how many times on the left side of face or the right side, what my right hand does, my left hand follows. Remember to scrub on all sides and corners, all curvature near nose, not to forget under lower lip and of course your cheeks that curve “out” because they are exposed “out” to sun and undergo environment condition causing them dull and some pigmented. Rinse well with water, remember Must rinse well, all the impurities and the dead cells to be remove from your skin. Wipe dry your face.

Sparring apply the mask on your face, please note carefully and read the instruction whether the mask can be use over the eyes as some masks are too harsh over the eyes area which will cause the eyes area sensitive or worse, puffy and swell.

Choose one that can use on whole face include the eyes. Otherwise, after mask you might see that the eyes area and other area of the face have different skin tone. Usually Masks are place on for 20-30mins and clean off according to instruction.

After the mask, always remember, to use preparation lotion or toner and moisturizer or treatment or nourishing cream that help the skin renew, rejuvenate and of course GLOW!!

Regular doing the Home Intensive Care will help make your face glow, and not only that the skin also has the ability to absorb skincare product better, to withstand some environment condition changes and long lasting youth and glow.

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