The 3 most towing methods used out there

A towing mission’s difficulty depends on what type of method you will be using and we’ll be going through the 3 most used methods out there. Many towing companies use the wrong towing methods for every completely wrong mission. The Tow Truck Santa Clara company is a great example for all the towing companies because when it comes to towing, no one can beat them. Other than their amazing towing services, they also offer exceptional road assistance. So, if your car breaks down or runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, you can give them a call and they’ll be dispatched right to you.

Here are the 3 most towing methods used out there:

Flatbed method

This towing method is the safest out of all 3 because the towed vehicle in this can not be damaged in any way. Specialist trucks are used in this with a metal bed attached to it at the back which the car will be parked on and then it will be strapped with some metal rods so that it doesn’t sway around during the journey.

Flat tow bar method

This method is the cheapest out of all 3 as it can almost be done by any car out there however, it has to be in a good condition. So, what’s done in this method is that you’ll be self-aligning your car’s rigs to the towed vehicle and that’s it. You’ll be dragging it behind you when driving however, it can be dangerous to balance your vehicle while driving when doing this.

Two-wheel dolly method

This method is not safe at all as a two truck will be used the pull the towed vehicle off the ground from the front leaving its back vulnerable to any damage. So, try to avoid this method if you live in a populated city.

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