Removing That Slick Look From Oily Skin

The most important thing with oily skin is to keep it clean. The urge is to wash your face repeatedly to get rid of the oil. The problem with this is that I soon found out that this would leave my skin overly dry and prone to peeling. It is recommended that you wash your face at most no more than two times a day with lukewarm water. In fact, that slick oil look that appears by late afternoon was best controlled not by washing my face but by using a toner. It wasn’t that long ago that astringent pads with the usual solution however I found these were overly harsh on my sensitive skin. The biggest tip therefore I can give you when it comes to getting rid of the oil on your face is to go down to your local supermarket and buy a toner. Any facial toner will do however if you can find some with added salicylic acid this further helps to keep your acne under control.

Most toners come in a bottle and you will have to buy separate lookingslick cotton pads to apply the toner on your face. You may be pleased to know that some companies have created toner pads which removes the necessity of keeping spare cotton pads lying around. I find these handy little packs good to tuck in an office drawer or keep in the glovebox of the car. Whenever I feel that slick coming on my face all I need to do is grab a pad and head off to the rest room and wipe that oil off my face. Consequently I find that after applying toner my skin feels really supple and smooth. If you were to wash your face instead it would probably be dry and require you to apply an oil free moisturiser.

Another alternative to using an astringent or toner is to buy skin oil blotting paper made either from linen or rice paper. I find a nice oil blotting paper hard to buy sometimes however when you can get your hands on some their small size makes them perfect of stick in a handbag. If you wear makeup than applying toner is not an option and blotting paper will allow you to remove the excess oil without ruining all your makeup.

As long as you wash your face, use a toner and apply a moisturiser with some sunblock on it you have just discovered the three simple steps to keeping your oily skin under control. If however during the day the oily slick returns you should keep some toner or blotting paper on hand to remove or absorb the excessive oil.

It is worth mentioning also that if you have very excessive problems with oily skin you should probably see a doctor as there are some treatable hormonal imbalances that could be the cause of your problems.

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