Pinoy Employees Need Career Paths

Now more than ever, today’s Pinoy employee must look into the future. Some may have seen their parents who lost their job because rapid advancement in technology made their work obsolete, they must be better prepared so as not to be caught in the same situation.

Most Filipino students who graduate today prefer high paying jobs without much job security like working in call centers over lets say more traditional work like in banks who offer initially lower salary but better health care and retirement packages. Most don’t see their Pinoy Teleserye jobs secure or plan to hold on to them for the next ten to twenty years, most see it as a stepping stone to some other greener pasture.

But what does this mean for the business owner? This attitude is healthy for business since employee ambition makes for harder work, productivity and innovation. Today’s business owner is less able to change labels on an organization chart. Work assignments and management thinking must be more flexible to make job descriptions less confining. Every position in the company must be open ended, the way in and way out must be clearly indicated.

But even great benefits and salary package does not guarantee that the employee will stay. Filipino employees who begin to feel boxed in or dead ended will become dissatisfied and definitely leave no matter how good the fringe benefits are. Todays Pinoy employees want, need and deserve a visible and viable career path in our current socio economic environment.

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