Ohio State University Information

In the state of Ohio was founded a land grant university in 1870, that became the Ohio State University, a coeducational public research university. This university is the first university in Ohio to receive the extended membership into the Association of American Universities. From the rankings, the Ohio State University ranks 25th in America and top university in Ohio. The main campus of the university is located at Columbus. It is situated in 1755 acres of land at 2.5 miles north of the downtown city.

Like many universities in US, Ohio State also has exploration programs for students who have not yet decided about their future career plans. Thus the academic advisory board helps these students know their aptitude and decide what’s better for them. Among the various colleges and schools, there is also college for allied medical professions. Including athletic training, biomedical science, circulation technology, medical dietetics etc, there are also colleges of architecture, arts, business, communication, dentistry, engineering faculties, humanities and host of others. The university also includes college of international studies and offers students various study programs including African, East-Asian, Latin American, Middle East, Slavic and East European as well as West European. The university also includes medical colleges with various degrees. The courses include graduate as well as undergraduate schooling. There are also professional programs for graduates like Allied Medical Professions, Dental hygiene and Nursing. For post-graduates, the european international university offers professional programs like Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary medicine.

University’s Counseling and Consultation Services are available for students with personal, professional or academic problems. They can also be extended to their family, partner or spouse. Working towards developing personal awareness and socializing your skills is the job done by these counselors. Financial aid and scholarships are also available for the opting students. There is also a multicultural center in Ohio state university, where different opportunities for students are created with building communities.

Various researches are carried out at OSU through the research foundation here. The students as well as faculties can carry out their research in the campus itself. The students can also make use of student employment opportunities with on-campus, off-campus or summer jobs. These can be adjusted also according to the time-schedule of your academics so that the timing remains flexible.

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