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Mens Fashion – How to Go Retro

One of the best things about fashion is that sooner or later, trends will come back around. Retro really never left and in fact, it’s hotter than ever. Here are some tips on how to score some great retro gear.

1. Check out yard sales – This is the absolute paradise for a retro bargain hunter. Look for sales that include a variety of men’s clothing and accessories. You should be able to score some authentic vintage pieces that will have years of wear left in them.

2. Visit Vintage Second-Hand Stores – Second hand stores are a literal gold mine for retro styles. From old bowling shirts to classic logo tees, you’ll be able to find some rare trips down memory lane.

3. Find a Flea Market – One man’s forgotten trash could be 1920s dress your treasure. Flea markets are chock full of vintage clothing, accessories, and memorabilia from yesteryear. From your Hopalong Cassidy plate to your retro Hawaiian shirt, you’ll be decked out from head to toe to kitchen.

4. Estate Auctions – If you’re lucky enough to find a pack rat’s auction, you can really score some great old shirts that will have you looking like you stepped out of the 50’s in no time.

5. Look New – Old clothes really not your bag? New designers are constantly revisiting the past. Look for new retro styles in your local department stores. Find which brands consistently put out retro clothing and stick with them.

6. Raid Your Old Man’s Closet – Chances are your dad still has that old favorite shirt of his lying around somewhere. See what you can find in there – or look in the basement for treasures long packed away.

7. Go Boutiquing – Designers that may not be able to make into the larger department stores usually have great retro styles in their boutiques. Sure, you may feel a little odd in a trendy boutique, but you can find some great new gear there.

8. Will Travel for Clothes – Running out of resources in your local area? Look for small town vintage shops. These are gold mines for retro apparel, especially if you can find a great second hand shop in an out-of-the-way hole in the wall.

9. Spread some Goodwill – Yes, Goodwill is still the best place to find vintage retro apparel and accessories. Even better? The prices are usually dirt cheap. Take some time to go through each rack, hidden treasures are usually the last thing you find.

10. Get on eBay – We saved the best one for last. You can find just about anything in the world on eBay. This is a fantastic place to get some truly retro gear. Whether you want classic bowling shirts, snappy tees or vintage accessories, this is the best place to start.

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