Lead Generation – Facebooks Tips On How To Create A Great Ad

Effective online lead generation must take a serious look at the top sites that browsers use most time with. In recent reports Google still holds the lead, followed by YouTube then followed by Facebook.

Facebook, is the new kid on the block when it comes to advertising. They have a lot to do, to catch up with Google. However, unlike Google there more opportunities because advertisers not as sophisticated as those who use Google. That being said, advertising on Facebook is fundamentally different and many things you can do with Google ads would get you in trouble in Facebook. After all, Facebook users are is a social network where the dynamics and very different.

Here the some compelling facts that should increase your interest in Facebook advertising:

Facebook gets nearly 40 billion page views per month – that’s a much higher amount than Google

It has more than 400 million active users

People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook

And the real kicker is that Facebook has 1/20th of the advertisers that Google has. Don’t you see the opportunity here?

But before you advertise with Facebook be aware that:

Facebook uses display advertising based on the user’s profile details and interests. They do not use context search like Google AdWords, so it is important that you create relevant ads that get a sale.

You also need to be aware that Facebook users can give their opinion about your ad. They can vote positively and negatively. If you have too many negative votes lead generation instagram can ban you for life – so be warned!

You should test and compare Google’s PPC with Facebook ads. In my experience, Facebook could prove more effective and cheaper. However, you need to carefully read the following below.


  1. Use an attention grabbing picture that is relevant and not offensive
  2. Ask a question in the header
  3. Make a promise and have a strong call to action in the body text


What not to do. To avoid your ad getting a disapproval on Facebook.


  • No all capitalization, use capitals appropriately
  • No incorrect spelling, grammar, slang or incomplete thoughts
  • No irrelevant images
  • No false discounts, offensive images or text
  • No abbreviations or symbols for words

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