Interesting Hazelnut Benefits for Health, Hair

What is hazelnut? The hazelnut is a wonderful nut that is from the Corylus tree and is grown in Turkey, Spain, Italy as well as the United States. Just like other nuts, the hazelnuts are also eaten raw or roasted. They can be ground into a powder form or a paste. Hazelnuts have a sweet flavour and this is what makes it tasteful. They are an excellent source of Vitamin E. They are commonly turned into hazelnut spread that is a tasty and nutritious breakfast complement to bread. Hazelnuts have folate and a great dietary fibre source. So get energy from hazelnuts with these tasty treats. In this article, we will explore some best Hazelnut Oil Shampoo benefits for health, hair and skin with side effects.

Are Hazelnuts Good for You?

Hazelnut nutrition is perfect for all people. The rich source of dietary fibre, folate, and Vitamin E make for a power-packed food item. You can easily use hazelnuts in various different ways – raw, ground, whole, paste, oil, milk, etc. How to make hazelnut milk is easily demonstrated in various videos on the internet. You can see how to use hazelnuts for types of meals – sweet and savoury.

Hazelnut Nutrition Facts:

To know the hazelnut calories, hazelnut vitamins and hazelnut protein levels please refer to the below list for 1oz of hazelnuts. Here we give you the % daily value as well so that you know the amount of nutrition you are getting per day. Always keep the calorie level in check when consuming nuts of any kind. The hazelnuts are a good kind of nut that is beneficial to your health. But over-consumption of this can also cause health problems. So check that you stay within the daily requirement always and this will keep your heart healthy.

 Loaded with Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are a much-needed ite in the body that protects it from oxidative stress. Due to oxidative stress, the body can age faster, heart diseases and cancer can prop up. Hazelnuts have phenolic compounds which help in decreasing inflammation and blood cholesterol. Hazelnuts are also great for fighting cancer and good heart health. For the antioxidant property of hazelnut, studies have shown that having the kernels whole with the skin is much more beneficial than without.

 Good for Heart Health:

Hazelnuts are great for your heart. When you consume hazelnuts, it lowers your cholesterol and increases the antioxidants. Studies have shown that having a daily intake of hazelnuts keeps the heart-healthy while increasing the Vitamin E level. The high content of the fatty acids and the potassium helps to normalize the blood pressure too. The level of triglycerides remains the same with consumption of hazelnuts.

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