How To Find An Affordable Men’s Wedding Ring

Want to spend less on men’s wedding bands without sacrificing quality? A wedding ring should be of high quality yet you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get one. Here’s some ways to find a cheap men’s ring.

The most important factors to consider in men’s wedding rings are:

1. Durability

2. Cost

Lori Seto wrote about durability for men’s wedding rings. She advises, “Choose platinum over gold; avoid matte finishes (which show scratches), decorative details (easy to blunt after repeated knocks), and gemstones (which can chip, fall out, or trap dirt); and go ergonomic.”

Ergonomic is term that has to do with comfort. Also, make sure the inside surface of the ring is round instead of flat. That way the ring will feel more comfortable and be less likely to fall off.

So, where can you buy affordable rings for men? Here are two online stores that sell inexpensive rings. – This online store sells platinum wedding bands from $175.00 to $614.00. The thinner wedding bands are cheaper than the thicker bands. – This site has a nice variety of high quality Men’s wedding rings. Look for rings with the comfort-fit style. You’ll appreciate wearing this type of ring years down the road. At, the platinum bands start at around the high hundreds.

Most ergonomic, platinum wedding bands cost more than $300. However, it’s worth it if you want to keep your band for a long time.

Another option is buying a high quality used band. No one will ask if your band is used or new.

Search for used bands at local jewelers, eBay, and pawn shops. For the best quality, look for platinum bands.

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