Easter Activities for the Classroom

If you need Easter activities for the classroom, you will find that you have many different activities from which to choose. You may like to have the children create Easter crafts but there are also many other educational Easter activities that are suitable for the classroom. Many of these involve math, reading and writing so the learning doesn’t have to stop while the kids have some Easter fun!

Easter Riddle Match

The children can be involved in preparing this Easter activity for the classroom. They can start by finding about 10-15 Easter riddles. Once they have found the riddles, each riddle is written on a separate card and each answer is written on a separate card. These cards can then be used to play a Memory style game with 2 – 4 players. The cards are spread out face down on a table. The players take turns at turning over two cards and reading them both. If they have a matching riddle and answer they get to keep the pair and have another turn. The winner will be the player who has the most pairs when all of the cards have been matched.

Easter Egg Jumble

This is an Easter activity for the classroom that helps kids to practice math. To make this puzzle cut out several large egg shapes. On each egg write the numbers and signs from a mathematical equation putting them in a random order. The children have to rearrange the numbers and signs from each egg to make a true equation. You can use this to practice simple addition equations or more complex equations involving multiplication or division. If 3, 7, x, =, 9 and 2 are on an egg, these would be unjumbled to make 3 x 9 = 27.

Easter Sentence Jumble

To create this Easter activity for the classroom you will start with a few Easter sentences. The teacher can write these or each member of the class can create one sentence. It could be a sentence about Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny or something that children might do at Easter. To play Sentence Jumble you run the words together and then break the letters up into groups of three, four or five letters. The children have to identify what the sentence is and write it correctly. Here is one to try.

thec hild renh unte dforth eea stereg gsth atth eeas terbu nnyh adhi dden

Easter Word Find

One of the simplest Easter activities for the classroom is an Easter 2022 puzzle Word Find. Write the words ‘Easter Bunny’ for the children to see then challenge them to find as many words as possible that use the letters in Easter Bunny. For example they could have east, tree, neat etc. The winner will be the person who finds the most words. You can also use words like ‘chocolate’ or ‘Easter eggs’ for this Easter puzzle.

Easter Hangman

The spelling game of Hangman can also be given an Easter twist by using a bunny diagram instead of a Hangman diagram. Choose a bunny picture with about 10 – 14 parts. Play the game in the usual way using Easter words like, chocolate, candy, flowers, basket, chicks, bonnet, parade, decorate, April, search, Sunday, tulips or jellybeans.

As you can see there is a wide variety of Easter activities for the classroom that you can use to entertain and educate children this Easter. This Easter don’t limit your Easter activities to craft and art. Instead have a go at some Easter word puzzles and Easter math puzzles.

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