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African Safari Holidays Are Taking Off Like Wildfire

African safari holidays offer the intrepid traveller an experience that will never be forgotten! The huge continent of Africa is rich in resources, diverse cultures and incredible terrain. From the breath-taking scenery of the great Serengeti in Tanzania, to the rough and rugged countryside of the world famous Kruger National Park game reserve in South Africa, there are numerous types of African safari holidays to give you the adventure of a lifetime!

African safari holidays don’t just involve game drives to see wild animals, although you’ll certainly want to include a number of game drives in your itinerary in your quest to see Africa’s BIG 5 – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo. There are many other outdoor activities and adventures that form part of African safari holidays.

You may prefer to do your safari the luxurious way and indulge yourself by staying at one of the many beautiful safari lodges that offer all amenities while still giving you that real Africa experience. Other popular accommodation choices are the many privately owned lodges and camps. At these establishments you can enjoy true African hospitality while learning about Africa’s stunning environment.

More adventurous African safari holidays are called ‘walking safaris’. If you opt for this type of safari, you will really get up close and personal with Africa. Guided hikes of about 5-8 miles every day will give you the chance to visit remote areas where you can see plenty of wildlife. During the hikes there are lots of breaks for you rest while taking in the beautiful landscape.

Then there’s a ‘drive’ safari. Travel through Africa at your own pace in a tough 4×4 vehicle and stop every night at various places along the way. You may even want to set up camp under the great African sky. Of course, if you do this, you will need the proper camping equipment. And you will have to have a map that clearly indicates the location of safe camping sites. In Africa you can’t just pull off the road and set up camp!
One of the most popular African safari holidays is a visit to Uganda. Known as ‘the pearl of Africa’, Uganda boasts the highest mountain range in the continent. This mountain range is called the Rwenzoris and is home to half the world’s population of gorillas. You’ll find the mighty White Nile River in Uganda and more than 1000 different species of birds.

And of course, there’s Kenya. In recent years, Kenya has become East Africa’s premier tourist destination. Watching the incredible wildebeest migration from the Masai Mara Game Park will have your heart pounding with excitement, while the Great Rift Valley with a depth of 1000 meters will literally take your breath away.
A safari through Kenya will also take you through many tribal villages where you can meet the friendly, colorful Masai people. Other must-see attractions are Mount Kenya (5200 meters high), the village home of Barrack Obama’s father, and Kenya’s beautiful beaches.

Included in the array of safari holidays is the ever-popular African Safari Holidays through Tanzania – the largest country in Africa. This is where you can marvel at Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, with its peak always covered in snow. Follow in the footsteps of the Great White Hunters and other legendary explorers. Tanzania is also home to the massive Serengeti Park where millions of wild animals roam freely.

Tanzanian game lodges offer a unique African experience. They are located in Tanzania’s many game reserves and national parks, where wildlife and natural beauty abound. While staying at these game lodges you can enjoy many activities such as guided walks and hikes, game drives, canoeing, bird-watching and, of course, watch the famous Serengeti migration.

Safari holidays to Zambia are also hugely popular with tourists from every corner of the world. The main attraction is the thundering Victoria Falls. The Falls span an incredible 1708 meters, 1200 meters of which is in Zambia where the giant curtain of water starts its plunge. More than 545 million cubic meters of water falls every minute – that’s 9 million liters per second! Little wonder the man who discovered the Victoria Falls, Dr David Livingstone, said “… Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”.

When considering African safari holidays, you can’t rule out a safari through Namibia. This expansive country used to be part of South Africa but it proudly gained its independence on 21 March 1990. Namibia is a country of stark contrast where the spectacular dunes of the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, meet a stormy coastline.

A safari tour through Namibia is the ideal way to see this unique part of Africa. Yet another stark contrast is seen in Namibia – the hot dry coastline meets up with the icy cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. This unique ecology is not seen anywhere else in the world.

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